5 Things I Would Never Wear….

I know….I know….I appear to wear anything and everything. I do consider myself open-minded, trendy, and bold when it comes to my style and fashion choices, but recently someone asked me “Is there anything you won’t wear?” I had to think about it, but there are definitely things I will not wear for sure….and here they are!

  1. The color peach: This may be the only color I dislike. I do not think it flatters many people either.


2. Three-quarter sleeves: My mom would argue this with me because she loves this type of sleeve. I hate them. You feel like you have to pull them down all day long, and I am always cold so I would much rather wear a short sleeve top or tank and layer that with a sweater instead.



3. Bird prints: Italians are superstitious about birds in the house. In fact, my mom throws out cards she receives in the mail if they have birds on them actually. Now I get anxiety thinking about putting on a dress with a bird print.


4. Bermuda fitted shorts: If you are petite or on the shorter side, these are the most unflattering item of clothing you could possibly put on your body. They literally cut your leg in half. Shorter women do better with shorts that hit above the knee and have a looser leg or higher waist.


5. T-strap heels or flats: Like Bermuda shorts, these also cut your leg in half and make anyone look shorter than they really are. They also really only look nice with fit and flare dresses or skirts. I prefer a classic, black stiletto that goes with everything and anything.


So there you have it peeps….what Tiffy G will pretty much never wear…..