Latest Spring Trends as Seen on the Runways….(and it’s interesting!!!) Part 1

I have to say, I get so excited when I see what styles hit the spring/summer runways. It is always refreshing, and I am usually surprised with some of what is out there, which makes my life as a stylist and blogger pretty interesting!!! Here is a list of what has been surfacing out there in the fashion world lately. No need to get overwhelmed because I will be featuring adaptations for every day life in upcoming articles so stay tuned!


  1. Disco Collars: Disco never seems to ever really trend “out”. Maybe that is why I like it so much!!! LOL


2. Crochet: This material will be on EVERYTHING from pants to shorts to dresses to skirts to bathing suits.


3. Neon: This trend became popular last Spring and it seems to be here to stay!


4. Bra Top: This sounds scary than it really is. First of all, you are not really wearing a bra….it is more of a crop top. Second of all, they are being seen with high waist pants and a blazer so they are actually more flattering than you would think.



5. Leather shorts: Leather in all colors will be seen during spring and summer 2020. Actually, leather shorts will be taking the place of the black mini skirt.



6. Tiered Dresses/Skirts: Universally flattering style. You will all love them! I have one from Express… it’s 10 years old….but I could never seem to part with it! Glad I didn’t!


7. 1960’s Wallpaper Prints: Initially, I agree…..they look….bold. However, I am convinced these will work with some minor tweaks. Have confidence in me!


8. Vests: I remember being in my early 20s and getting dressed for a night out in flared jeans, a blouse, and a vest…kinda like 90210 style. It’s back….. You will even see prom dresses with vest style tops.


9. Feathers: From winter fur to spring feathers…..


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