A Styling Session with One of My Faves!

If you have read my blogs, then you have read about Danielle and her amazing weight loss journey. I met Danielle about 3 years ago in exercise classes at Studio Poise. Throughout her weight loss journey I have styled her at various intervals and it has been a blast and I am in awe of her perseverance and strength each time.



Here is her take on the latest session in her own words!


“Can you believe it’s been a year since my first ever styling session with Tiffany??  I looked back on my experience from November 2018 and was reminded I was down 30 pounds at that time.   I was proud, feeling great.  I can report to you today one year later I am now down over 80 pounds!! Did I ever think that was possible, NO! But here we are feeling better than ever and continuing my journey of life long health!

After the summer was over and I could hang up my bathing suit (I live in a bathing suit from June-September) I looked through my closet and brought up my fall clothes from last year.  I tried them on, decided what I could get a few more wears out of and what I definitely couldn’t wear anymore because they were just too big.  Not a bad problem to have.  I had some major social events coming up and needed some work essentials for fall and winter. My first big social event was the Post Malone concert.  Biggest fan!  Tiffany and I were working out together at Studio Poise, I turned to her and said “I am going big or going home with this outfit, Tiffany”.  She gave me that Tiffany look and was thinking in her head “Finally”! I knew Tiffany was up for the challenge.   I wanted to show everyone my hard work and for once in my life, I felt incredible in my own skin.  Tiffany and I got a date on the calendar and a few weeks later started began the hunt! I was looking for pieces to compliment my new body, things I could wear out socially and what I could also pull off for work.  Tiffany texted me and said meet me at the North Shore Mall, Forever 21.  My immediate thought- Hell no, I can’t shop there.  Teenagers shop there, small women there. No, No, No.  Well… again I was proven wrong and I left there with an arsenal of clothing. I am proud to report I am in a size 14 pant.  At my heaviest weight I was in a size 24.  I was able to buy cute slimming body suits, camo pants, leopard pants, pink pants, so many styles and prints that were out of my “all black everything mantra”.  First of all, I would have never gone into the store to begin with, and also Tiffany really pushes me to buy things I wouldn’t buy.  I have received so many compliments at work from friends, family and perfect strangers for that matter on my new outfit choices.  I have so many outfits ready for the holidays and I wake up every morning excited to make decisions on what to wear.  Tiffany, you have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough.  We are up for workout clothes next!”

Here are some of the looks that we chose!!! Check her out!



Can’t wait to see what workout clothes we find!!! Love ya Danielle!!!

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