How To Wear Plaid and Look Stylish (not like a school girl or holiday decor)…

The “mad for plaid” trend is BIG this season. I am not a super duper plaid lover, although I do love plaid prints during the holiday season. However, plaid is taking on a more modern twist with the colors and variations in print, which makes it look chic and I have actually developed a liking to it. Here are some ways to incorporate plaid into your wardrobes.


  1. Plaid Dress:


Love this pink color plaid dress from Heart and Sole Boutique in Boston.


2. Plaid Pants:



3. Plaid Skirt:


4. Plaid Poncho:


5. Plaid Blazer:


6. Plaid Joggers:


***And if you just want a touch of plaid in your life, try shoes….


or a clutch…


Get mad for plaid….I bet ya you get compliments!!