Why You Need a CROP Denim Jacket (yes everyone can wear one)

I am obsessed with denim jackets and have written about them a multitude of times!!! I always find myself grabbing them when I leave the house in spring and summer, BUT I definitely have one near me most fall days…..actually…..it is one of my favorite transition pieces. Recently I found a cropped denim jacket at a store called Covet in Boston and I am obsessed. I actually think that it is way more flattering than a bulky denim jacket on all body shapes. Here are my recommendations on how to wear the cropped denim jacket.


  1. With leggings:


2. With a skirt:


In fact…it even looks good with a lace skirt….


or a tulle skirt:



3. Over a dress:



4. With shorts:


5. With joggers:


6. With wide leg pants:


The best part of this is…..that most of these surfaced in stores in spring and are all marked down in price so go get yours!!!! Happy shopping!