A peek inside a style session….and weight loss journey with one of my all time fave clients to work with!!!

If you are a frequent blog reader of mine, you may remember that I styled Danielle back in the fall/early winter when she had lost a large amount of weight. Well……Danielle lost even more weight. I admire her determination, drive, and hard work on this weight loss journey that she has demonstrated. Due to her weight loss, she realized she literally had nothing in her closet that would fit her for the upcoming spring and summer months. Here is her take on the experience in her own words.



“I am back! It has been 7 months since my first styling session with Tiffany. To give everyone a quick update I am still living a Whole 30 lifestyle and I am down a total of 65 pounds. I have ten days left of my third whole 30 round for 2019.  I feel great and my body has really transformed in the last year.  I needed Tiffany more than ever this time around.  Winter came and went and as the weather was getting warmer (hardly) its been the worst “spring” ever, I realized that I had nothing to wear.  I mean nothing.  I looked through all my spring and summer clothes and realized I had bought all of these clothes five years ago- 2014 the spring before I got married.  5 years! WHAT? Needless to say, I obviously couldn’t wear anything.  The shirts I had were falling off and the dresses I owned were not only not my taste anymore, made me look sloppy and messy because they were so big.  I immediately saw Tiffany and said we need another session. 


This time around I am happy to report that I am out of a plus size! Tiffany asked me if we could try TJ Max first and I immediately was reluctant because I have the patience of a raging bull and I hate having to sort through racks of plus size clothing that no offense to anyone make me look like Robyn Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.  Tiffany said to trust her and well I walked out of there with 7 shirts that were out of plus size and I am able to wear all of them with so many different things.  I was already feeling so much more optimistic first 45 minutes in.


  After TJ Max we went to my staple store Torrid.  I love this store because it has sizes 10-30.  For someone like me there are lots of options here.  In true Tiffany fashion she started ripping things off the racks and I immediately got nervous.  I did this time actually look around myself and I did pick out a few things on my own.  There was so much color in what Tiffany had in her hands and I thought to myself “oh no, that’s not black, not going to work”.  Well, I think out of all the things I got there was maybe one black item in there.  For a person who wears black all day everyday this is a big deal.  Also, I bought a 2-piece bathing suit, yes people a 2-piece high wasted bathing suit for the summer.  If anyone knows me this is a big deal.  I rocked that bathing suit last week with a cute sheer black kimono Tiffany suggested and not only did I get so many compliments, I did not want to hide under a towel.  I am so happy with all my spring and summer purchases and I can’t thank Tiffany enough for always pushing me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to wear something I would not normally wear.  I bought a pair of floral pants.  I would never wear floral and my girlfriends can certainly attest to this.  Tiffany, thank you so much again for all your help and I hope for anyone reading this and is struggling or is trying to figure out weight loss please keep going.  It does not happen overnight but it can happen.”


Here is a sample of some of the looks we got for Danielle:





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