Peek Inside another Spring Styling Session….

One of my favorite people to style called me recently for a spring wardrobe update! Jen was so excited because she lost over 10 lbs and is feeling pretty amazing in her own skin!! Here is her take on the experience.



Despite this dreary weather spring and summer are on the way!!! For Christmas I received a styling session with my girl, Tiffany, for spring/summer and the time had finally come to meet up. I’ve lost a little weight since our last session and I ready to really to go out of my comfort zone….crop tops. Yes I am sure people are thinking “Jen love the skin you are in…rock whatever you want at any size”. While that works for some that is not me. It’s taken me to this point to feel confident wearing certain things.

Ok back to Tiff!!! I know the drill at this point so I met her at Marshall’s and let her do her magic. I’m pretty sure we gave the waiting room attendant anxiety with the size of our cart. First up were dressed and rompers. Cute, easy pieces to toss on and go in the summer! As usual my girl nailed it!!


We had more but sadly two of the dresses were ripped. Now it was time to crop. I remember walking out and smiling at my lopsided boobs and unwashed hair but I felt great!!! It’s taken the flu, clean eating and many EB classes to get here.



Next are my two favorite outfits! I have never owned a pair of white jeans and now I feel like a I have been missing out on so much. They fit perfectly and could be so versatile with being either dressed up or casual. I can’t wait to wear these!

Last but not least are my day into night outfits. I feel sexy, classy without being “what F is she wearing?” or “isn’t she too old for that?!”.

Once again I left with a big bag and heart full of clothes that made me feel so good about how I looked. I can’t express enough if you ever thought about doing this please for the love of God DO IT!!!! Trust her process and her style and you will leave a new person. Thanks Tiff for once again making this frumpy mom into a style goddess.”


*****If you would like to book a styling session with me, please reach out!!!!


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