What to Get the Moms in Your Life for Mother’s Day…..

I actually got a lot of questions asking advice about what to get women for Mother’s Day….I came up with some ideas that are both trendy and “easy” to put together and purchase.


  1. Beauty package….in a slipper……Instead of putting beauty products in a basket or gift bag….why don’t you buy an adorable pair of slippers and stick gift cards inside with some small beauty products.



Gift cards can be for facials, nails, or hair services.


2. Beach/Lake Bags: If the woman in your life loves the beach or sitting by a pool during the summer, then this is the perfect gift set to buy her. You can include towels, a chair, sunglasses, sunscreen, gift cards to book stores, etc.



3. Zodiac Necklaces….These are trending in a huge way…..if she tends to wear whatever the latest accessory trend is….then this is it…….


I love my zodiac necklace from



4. Sephora Gift Set: Most women like Sephora. Even if they do not wear a lot of makeup, there are skin care products, perfume, body treatments etc. You can purchase a gift card and then pick out some items from their amazing trial size section to spruce up the presentation.



5. Coffee Lovers Gift Set……some people love coffee. They either visit Starbucks on the daily or they are obsessed with  their Keurigs and cute coffee mugs. Either way, this is a simple gift set to put together. You can add a gift card for their favorite coffee place.



6. Bracelet Stacks…I love bracelet stacks because they can be personalized and made to be sentimental based on your relationship.


I love mine by “Thelil Muse.”


Hopefully this article gave you some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day and the future 🙂