November Top 10!!!!!!

SOOOOO many of my readers tell me that wait for my top 10 each month which makes it more exciting to write these articles!!! This month there will be two top 10 articles. The first article (this one) will be the usual monthly finds and faves….and the second one will wrap up my top 10 fall fave looks…..ok so on to the November hit list!!!


  1. OPI Squeaker of the House: During this time of year, I start to transition to darker nail colors. I also like wearing darker browns near Thanksgiving time so this is the perfect color.







2. Bath and Body Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: Every month I pick a new scent that I like to use since I am overly obsessed with putting cream on my elbows, legs, and feet before bed every night.



3. Micellar Water: If you have not used this to take off your makeup, you are missing the party!! One swipe and literally everything comes off. It is gentle enough for children, any eye issues, and all skin types. I would use other cleansers and still have traces of black eyeliner on my face…and scrubbing causes eye wrinkles ladies!!!! CVS sells this and it is less than $12.



4. Pencil Skirts: I kind of abandoned these for awhile….but I am back liking them again. They really do flatter all body types and are a classic fit. They show off curves and highlight a smaller waist, and they are always work appropriate. This one comes from Madison Ave. of Melrose.





5. Kangol Hats: I loved wearing these back in the day!!!!! They always fit right, there was no adjusting, and they came in great colors and patterns. Well, they are back! Although I gave a lot of items from this era away, for some reason I kept these. I am so glad I did because the new ones look almost identical to the retro ones!





6. Teddy Coats: Have you put one of these on? It is like wearing a blanket. I love them in a tan color because they match everything! This one comes from LIT Boutique.





7. High Socks: I am one of those “always cold” kind of people….like legit….I sit with a space heater on me at work even when the heat is on and I sleep with 2 comforters. Anyways, I posted a picture of me wearing a pair with an oversized sweater dress and I literally got tons of messages asking me where all the socks are from LOL They are from Amazon, Target, and Marshalls FYI





8. Kristina Makris Gloss: It is finally here!!! If you read my blogs, you know that Kristina Makris is an amazing makeup artist in the Boston area who recently created her own lip glosses. They are high shine, super hydrating, and never sticky. They hydrate the lips and help wrinkles appear less noticeable. The best part about these glosses is that they are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, gluten free, cruelty and vegan friendly, phthalate free, sulfate free, silicone free, alcohol free, and GMO free. They also make you look gorg!!!!!






You can purchase these glosses on her website at


9. Hoodie by Dog on Fleek: This is by far the most comfortable hoodie I own right now. The best part is that this company donates 10% of sales to rescue dog organizations. Their clothes and accessories are filled with funny, graphic sayings, and all of their clothes fit true to size. Unfortunately, they are closing up shop at the end of the year, but their items are super discounted right now so grab them while you can!!!!!




You can order these on


10. Alo Workout Oufit: I am obsessed with this new line from Alo that I recently saw at Fithub in Boston. The color is amazing!!!!! Flatters everyone. The leggings have awesome details on them, as does the sweatshirt. Use code TIFFY4FH for 30% off your total purchase of regular priced items at Fithub online! Not to mention they matched my camo shoes perfectly!!!





Hope you all enjoyed my latest Top 10!