Why the strappy sandal is my essential shoe….

They are not necessarily the most comfortable. I can not say I would wear them for a night out of dancing, but I definitely wear these shoes throughout spring, summer, and most of fall. I bought them last spring from Charlotte Russe, but they are still going strong!!!! If you do not know what I am talking about, here is a visual for ya…


Now come on….I know you have seen these everywhere from fashion magazines to restaurants to weddings. I love a lot of types of shoes, but I have a special bond with this style. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear a strappy, heeled sandal.

  1. With cuffed jeans


2. With a skinny jean or pant


3. With white pants for summer


Here is me wearing these out last week with my white, distressed jeans



4. ย A black dress for a special occasion


5. Joggers (to dress them up)


6. Shorts (Shorts and heels are my new fave thing to wear lately)


Here are some outfit combos I wear mine with ๐Ÿ™‚


These are black joggers and a black tank. The joggers are dressy because they have the gold on them and are satin material, so heels match perfectly!!!



Bright, summer colored lace shorts with a blouse for a night out in the city!


Cuffed, distressed jeans and a funky top. This is perfect for a casual restaurant, bar, or party.


This dress I plan on wearing to a special occasion I have coming up next month.

Last but not least….this last look is my fave…probably cause it saves me time…There have been so many Fridays and Saturdays that I have been running around in a tank top, jeans, and flip-flops or sneakers and someone calls and asks me to go somewhere last-minute. I rarely have time to change, but really want to go (usually) so I add these heels and a hat (to cover up my hair that I did not have time to wash) and head out in a classy, chic outfit.


Finally, here are some really good deals I recently found online if you are interested in purchasing a pair of these shoes. You will not be sorry, and I guarantee you will wear them often!!!

As you can see Amazon has numerous options of this style in various colors and sizes all for less than $30.



I love this pair from Macys….I actually really want to buy them because I love the gold AND they are on sale for a great price…but I will restrain myself since I have a pair.



Lastly….Charlotte Russe…where I bought mine….and look at the price….you can not beat this…

Well ladies….I feel like this style shoe is right up there with the classic, black, pointed toe pump….we all need a pair for our closets ๐Ÿ™‚