What I Will Be Buying During the After Holiday Sales…

This is by far one of the best times of year to shop and get a great deal! Although I do love searching through the sale racks, I also love looking on line and searching for exactly what I want, in the price range I want it for. Here is what I will be seeking out in late Dec and early Jan.

  1. Winter white scrunch boots:

2. New white/grey bedding set of some sort:

3. Sherpa coat in black:

4. Christmas Pj’s and Graphic Tees to put away for next year:

5. Mittens:

6. Gifts bags/wrapping paper for next year:

7. Winter candles:

8. Carry-on:

9. Slippers:

10. Home organization:

Let me know what you get for deals! I love hearing everyone else’s finds!

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