Summer Clothing Dilemmas….

Every summer we struggle with the same issues….what do we wear when it is humid? What do we wear to beach and pool parties when we have to be in a bathing suit all day but kind of want to be in an “outfit” too? What do we wear when we don’t have time to change and go from the pool to the city for dinner? Ok….well here is my style guide for these problems!

  1. Hazy Hot Humid: Definitely wear the lightest material dress you can find. Grab a jean jacket if you go into a place that is frigid with the air conditioning.

2. Party on the beach/pool: I love throwing on a button down shirt over my bathing suit. Makes it more of an “outfit” while still being appropriate for being near the water.

3. No time to change for dinner: Always choose a romper. It is one item for your beach bag. It can easily be thrown over swimwear. It looks great with heels, wedges, sandals, and sneakers.

Hope this helped you solve some of your summer dilemmas~