The One Item That is Now Outselling Black Leggings….

In light of current events, many people are living in sweats and joggers at the moment due to working at home more, being unemployed, home schooling their kids etc. Hence, sweatpants have outsold leggings and jeans by 115% compared to last year!!!! Specifically…grey sweatpant joggers. Once known as a boring item, or something you kind of threw on when you were home cleaning the house or chilling out, grey sweatpants are becoming a trendy and chic fashion item. Here are some ways to style yours!!!!

  1. With a bodysuit:

2. With a Flannel:

3. With a Crop Top:

4. With a Hoodie:

5. With a Leather Jacket:

The great news is that you can find a pair of grey joggers at Walmart for less than $10. If you are petite, my suggestion is to try a kids size large….they will be a better length for you.

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