What to Wear To Look Chic….When You’re Freezing and the Weather Stinks….

Ok so……….The weather is crazy in the Boston area lately. One day it is 60 and the next day it is 30!!!!! However…..as we know in areas with winter climates, cold weather sticks around until the end of March most years……and when it is cold out….we still have to get out and “look sharp” for work, parties, events, date nights, etc…..so what are my latest “go-to’s” when I have to head out and I really want to burrow under my blanket…….while….here they are!


  1. Turtleneck and leggings….sleek….sharp…comfy……and all skin is covered so you are warm……They are also both classic items that never go out of style and most of us already have them.



2. Statement Coat… There is nothing like a bright or funky print coat….or a fur of course.  It does not really matter what your outfit is underneath when you have a gorgeous, stand out coat or jacket.




3. Chunky Sweater….Feels like a blanket and pajamas rolled into one….looks great with jeans, black pants, and sweats….enough said…..




4. Knit Sweater Dress….This is my latest, trendiest fave to wear!!! It literally can take you from day-to-night!



6. Statement Boots…Wear all black or any neutral color and add a funky boot with fur or in a bright color or print.





7. Scarf…The only winter accessory you really need for a stylish look, and you do not have to worry about adding a necklace or earrings.




Don’t forget to reach out if you want help styling or planning an outfit for a certain event.

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